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Sarafina Langdale




I just finished working with UNICEF last week after being there since Cyclone Pam. Working with NGOs has been a milestone in my life. They do amazing work and it’s been great being a part of that as I feel that I have given back to the children of Vanuatu.

Where you from?

I get mistaken for being from Ambae, Mele or Ifira and I don’t know why. My father is from Tongoa but my mother is Fijian. I have two brothers, one younger and one older.

How would you describe your style?

For me fashion is showing the real you. I don’t dress to impress others – I dress for myself because I’m confident and because I can. Some may think that fashion is nothing but you are what you wear.

If your cleavage is showing make sure your legs stay covered….. or the other way around. Show your skin strategically! With the weather these days I’m always in something long like a maxi dress or skinny jeans. My load of clothes is 90% dark or dull colors and most of my shoes are sneakers and wedges. I love wedges! I try to get most of my shoes in nude colour because our skin is dark and every girl should embrace and work with what they’ve got.

Where do you buy your clothes from?

I buy most of my clothes second hand at STRET PRICE. They have great prices for dope clothes. Always take a “it’s cute but so not me” outfit into the fitting room. You never know! Once in a while I will buy brand new clothes although I’ll normally wait until there’s a sale going on.


Who influences your style?

I tend to pick my fashion sense from a bit of everyone from Beyonce to Adele to Marilyn Monroe. Sometimes I’m wearing a dress or skirt, then I’ll put on denim jeans, a tank top and sneakers with aviators.

What beauty products do you use?

I can never go a day without my NYX Matte lipstick but I’ll only use makeup when I need to. A couple of coats of mascara makes my eyelashes look full but the weather here is so mucky that you can’t wear too much makeup. The Drugstore and Healthwise are your best shot for buying beauty products.

I love the brand OPI for nail polish but the ‘in’ thing these days is gel polish as it can last up to two months. Sometimes I go to Paradise Spa but I prefer Lotus. Ask for Noella, she’s very good at what she does and super friendly. Anything is possible with her!

Any fashion advice?

My mother always told me that people would see you by the way you dress and the way you look. I am a splitting image of my mother whose wacky sense of humor is reflected in her fashion style.

Interview by GG Baxter

Photo credit: Abbz Photography