Publication news

We are thrilled to announce that Sista Stanap Strong – A Vanuatu Women’s Anthology will be published by Victoria University Press in 2021.

Watch this space for pre-order options.


About the Anthology

‘How do we get more writers to tell the stories of contemporary Vanuatu, and not just around the fire or in the theatre, but in published stories that are read?’ asks one of the writers in this anthology of new writing from and about Vanuatu.

And how can we ensure contemporary and historical narratives contain women’s perspectives too?

We set out to collate an exciting anthology of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction (memoir and essay) that celebrate women’s voices and the experiences that have shaped a nation to commemorate Vanuatu’s 40th independence anniversary. Our original intention was to publish the anthology in 2020. What we could not have foreseen was the impact of a global pandemic and a devastating category five tropical cyclone (TC Harold) that swept across Vanuatu, Fiji and Tonga. This has impacted editing, publication, printing and distribution.

Our team – Yasmine Bjornum, Telstar Jimmy, Rebecca Tobo Olul-Hossen, Jane Kanas and Mikaela Nyman – was overwhelmed by the interest and the wide range of thought-provoking writing we received. We wish to thank everyone who submitted and hope you will keep writing even if your work was not selected for this particular publication.

Over thirty writers are featured in this anthology. More than sixty years separates the youngest from the oldest writer. What the writers have in common is a sharp eye for detail, a love of language, a deep connection to Vanuatu, and a willingness to share their thoughts about ancestors and a colonial past, women’s daily struggles and joys, and their hopes for their children’s and their country’s future.

We are looking forward to celebrating an exciting anthology of Vanuatu women’s new writing with you in 2021!

With thanks to Victoria University Press and Creative New Zealand for enabling it to happen.

Banner art: ‘Victory Dance’/‘Viktri Danis’ (2020) by Juliette Pita.

Design: Telstar Jimmy

Title:  Sista Stanap Strong: A Vanuatu Women’s Anthology (forthcoming), Victoria University Press

Editors:  Mikaela Nyman and Rebecca Tobo Olul-Hossen