Lack of access to fresh portable water remains a major problem for the villagers of Imaru on Tanna Island where it is now reported that villagers are being affected by a severe skin disease which has emerged and is spreading through the village.

So far the skin disease is the only health problem affecting the people in the village as a result of the water shortage affecting the people of Imaru village.

Abraham Tevi, a water officer on Tanna reported that many of the villagers including children are affected with this skin disease.

He said the school continues to operate but they had to travel many kilometers to a nearby village to access water when the pool of water runs dry.

Mr. Tevi reported that there are also other villages on the island of Tanna that are struggling to access fresh water but for Imaru the situation has gone from bad to worse given that they lack any proper water system and furthermore do not have any water tanks in their area. READ MORE