Leaders in our society know our plight
Yet they ignore and pretend that it’s all alright
Our voices are drowned by their hailers and shouts
“Vote for me and we’ll get you out!”
But here we are
Still sitting and waiting
We’re not dreaming, we’re not hallucinating

“Today we have reached a milestone!..
…China is ‘DONATING’…
…the economy will benefit…”
But we wonder

They don’t care how we feel
It’s just about: ‘seal the gold-plate deal’
These empty promises
always being made
Our trust and respect
starting to fade

Their commotions and motions
Are flowing like oceans
As they’re blaming slippery floors
For their childish wars
Do they forget
for whom is this development for?

While unemployment hits the roof
And Domestic violence is making more women silent
they quarrel over portfolios!

While we’re facing decisions that determine
Whether we’ll succeed in life
or become another burden on society
Their greedy behaviours are being amplified
By easy bait and self satisfies

We need them to listen to us!
We need less critics and more models
Less fake preachers and more teachers
less donor debts and more doctors
less law breakers and more fair leadership

It’s not too late!
There’s still hope
Remember: “The strength of our nation is in the unity of its people”
[Text from the Official Opening of Parliament House; Republic of Vanuatu Program, 1993]
We all have a role to play in this very worthy cause,
To build our future which we’ll all have to share

So forgive my standpoint
if its sounds like an extremist’s view
and apologies
if I’ve upset a few of you
but then again…
isn’t this a free country?
where we can express our thoughts
where we can….. ‘Toktok Stret’

This poem was written by Victor Korikalo in 2014