Solwata Sista Vanuatu
Solwota Sista, an initiative by the Vanuatu Surf Association, has been created to develop and foster a strong community of women and girls who surf in Vanuatu and beyond. While they recognise the pure stoke that surfing can emit, Solwata Sista also understands that surfing can be used to achieve positive social change in a number of unique ways.

Solwata Sista
Solwata Sista works closely with the young surfers of Vanuatu to deliver a number of programs, events and initiatives. They believe that these projects will upskill young surfers in key areas such as leadership, event management, coaching and judging and women’s empowerment while also introducing surfing and addressing social and environmental issues to those learning to surf.

Solwata Sista Vanuatu

Solwata Sista is always on the look out for new ideas and ways of doing things, collaboration with individuals or organisations, funding and surf equipment. If you think you can assist their work in any way, please call +678 730 1051 or visit Solwata Sista on Facebook.

Watch the journey of women’s surfing in Vanuatu

PHOTO AND VIDEO CREDITS: Sammy Swindle, Peter Carroll