On November 25th 2016, Solwota Sista joined forces with multiple organisations, government and institutions to stand against violence against women in Vanuatu for White Ribbon Day. Australia’s Ambassador for Women and Girls, Natasha Stott Despoja met with The Vanuatu Surfing Association‘s President Stef Mahuk, Women’s Development Officers Risu Florida Kalotiti and Sam Suendermann and the next generation of surfer girls to talk about gender equality in the sporting sphere and in our community. Natasha was very impressed with the commitment of the young surfers and in the work that they do in the area of female inclusion.


Working in the area of women and girls, Solwota Sista tries extremely hard to make their programs accessible, inclusive and safe for females to participate and to ensure that their male leaders in the surfing community are positive and respectful role models.

Watch the Vanuatu Surfing Association video on how they use the power of surfing to unite both men and women in ending violence against women.

White Ribbon Dae- Vanuatu Surfing Association from Sammy swindle on Vimeo.

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