A highly skilled surgical team from New Zealand (NZ) and Vanuatu will be treating sick children at the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) starting today, October 15 until Monday next week.

All patients are to be screened today, October 15 from 10am to 5pm. The clinic will be opened until Tuesday, October 16 before surgery begins on October 17.

Patients include children within the ages of 1 day old to 14 years old with swollen testis, missing testis, lumps or masses on their body that should not be there or that are painful.

Children with urination problems, lumps in the neck and head, problems with passing bowels (going to the toilet), throat or feeding problems, abdominal problems such as ongoing abdominal pain and swelling of the abdomen and past surgical patients that parents may want to be reviewed.

The Paediatric Surgical Team include Paediatric Surgeon,Spencer Beasley, Dr Ben Van der Griend an Paediatric Anesthetist, Paediatric Nurse Bridget Callaghan from Christchurch in NZ.

Local specialists on the team are Surgeon Basil Leodoro with Paediatric Surgery interest from the Northern Provincial Hospital (NPH),Paediatric Theatre Nurse, Elvie Naki, General Surgeon of VCH, Samuel Kemuel, Surgical Trainee Dr Albert Toukune and General Surgeon Trevor Cullwick.