Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee(VASANOC) High Performance Unit has confirmed Amie Cox as part of the speakers line up for the Athletes High Performance seminar that will be held on February 7 at Ramada.

Amie is a qualified and accredited Nutritionist, accredited Practicing Dietitian, accredited Sports Dietitian, qualified Densiotometrist and Level 1 ISAK Anthropometrist.

She will be discussing and educating listeners on the specifics of sports nutrition for athletes to ensure that athletes are getting the right nutrition and fuel for their bodies, dependent to their sports.

Amie has a wealth of experience working with both elite and amateur athletes as well as the general population to improve health. She currently works with several elite level athletes in Australia and is the director of Physique Science.

It is her greatest joy teaching her clients how to eat the right food at the right time in order to increase their quality of life, reduce their health related risk factors, increase their energy levels and performance.

Another interesting speaker is Dr Damon Ashworth.

He will speak about ‘a champions mindset’: The psychology of high performance Dr Ashworth is a Clinical Psychologist who completed a Doctoral degree in Clinical Psychology at Monash University and a Bachelor of Behavioural Sciences and a Bachelor of Psychological Science with Honours at La Trobe University.

He is considered an expert in the field of psychology and sleep. His Doctoral research was the first in the world to show that psychological therapy can significantly improve both mood and sleep in individuals who have failed to improve with medication.

Dr Ashworth is currently volunteering as a Mental Health Specialist with the Vanuatu Ministry of Health in Port Vila, Vanuatu. He is assisting the Mind Care Unit at the Port Vila Central Hospital, and volunteering under the Australian Volunteer Program, which is sponsored by the Australian Government. He also has a diverse background in sports and performance as an athlete.

He understands the components of sports and what is required for an athlete to reach their full potential through the psychology of high performance in sport.

There are many components that go into making a successful sports person or sports team. What athletes do off the sports field/court can impact their performance just as much as what they do on it.

To continue in the development and success of our athletes and teams, VASANOC is organizing this seminar next month.