Vanuatu Women’s Economic Empowerment
As part of the UN Women’s Economic Empowerment programme, UN Women has been working with stakeholders in a consultation about what policies, resources and opportunities are available and accessible to women when starting up a business in Vanuatu.

Forty women attended the one day get together titled the ‘Stakeholder Roundtable Consultation on Business and Secured Transaction Laws in Vanuatu for Women’. Participants included business women from the formal and the informal sectors, executive members of Market Vendors Associations, representatives from CSOs and NGOs, and from Provincial and Local Council management.

Vanuatu Women’s Economic Empowerment

There was some great feedback from those who attended about how important it is to make sure women’s voices from the formal and informal sectors are heard in policy development, legislative reforms and consultations. Other responses highlighted how awareness is needed about the what, where and how of doing business in Vanuatu.

UN Women delivered the consultation in partnership with the Asian Development Bank’s Pacific Private Sector Development Initiative and the Department of Women’s Affairs Vanuatu.