Some of the attending partners with HCDI Director, Sista Executive Director and members of the Sista team at the revamped Stanap Strong website introduction event. Photos: Sista


Sista and Human Capacity Development International (HCDI) officially introduced the new and improved StanapStrong website with more than 10 partners participating in the event on Wednesday, 8th of November 2023,.

The StanapStrong website ( brings together resources about Gender-based Violence (GBV) in Vanuatu including brochures, advocacy materials, videos, manuals, research, reports and relevant laws, policies and conventions relating to GBV.

The website offers several entry points, including for victims of violence seeking information on the different types of GBV, to know their rights and where to find help. It is a place for perpetrators of violence to find information on how to rehabilitate their behaviour.

The website also offers general information to organisations, government bodies, students, churches and chiefs to better support their work and deepen their understanding of GBV.

“The Stanap Strong website is such an important platform as it contains a lot of resources that addresses Violence against women and girls.

“If you’re a student, researcher, or even just someone looking to find more information about GBV in Vanuatu, I highly recommend you visit the website,” said Tatavola Matas, Coordinator of the Vanuatu Women’s Centre.

This year, Sista and HCDI worked with key stakeholders in updating the StanapStrong website, with the support of the Department of Women’s Affairs. Many new resources were added, and the website was re-organized to make it easier to navigate. An extensive communications campaign will be rolled out in the lead up to 16 Days of Activism including a banner downtown, website stickers, and a Facebook campaign.

Banner promoting the website located overhead Kumul Highway, Anchor Inn, Port Vila

During the event, stakeholders reflected on the Herstory of the ‘Stanap Strong Akensem Vaelens’ campaign and fostered an important discussion on how to further share, promote, and utilize the revamped website.

“As the National Human Rights Coordinator under the Ministry of Justice and Community Services, I encourage the Government networks and officials to utilise and share the Stanap Strong website with others. This website contains resources and information to support us when advocating against GBV, when reporting cases of GBV and much more,” stated Albert Nalpini, National Human Rights Coordinator, Ministry of Justice and Community Services.

The website is sponsored by a grant from the Spotlight Initiative, a global initiative of the United Nations Development Programme — UNDP which has received generous support from the European Union. As part of the Spotlight Initiative, Sista and HCDI have been working for the past three years on supporting and strengthening the network of people and organizations working to end GBV.