The former Director of Education Services, Roy Obed, made a strong call to the male staff of the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) to stop disregarding women.

Former Director Obed was upset at majority of the male leaders and staff of the MOET who have isolated themselves from their colleague women during the International Women’s Day (IWD) yesterday.

An IWD program which was held at the ministry’s conference room dedicated to women in education was poorly represented by the male staff.

The former director said this sort of behavior must stop.

“I would like to firstly express my disappointment at the absence of the leaders of the MOET during the program this morning.

“If there are other meetings going on, they (meetings) should be stopped. We cannot continue to ignore the vital role of women in our society.

“We are part of the global community committed to gender equity. We cannot continue to isolate ourselves. There is no more room for ignorance”, he said.

Mr Obed said the attitude of not participating in such important events at the ministry but just joining the queue for food must be stopped too.

The former education director said the MOET as a government ministry with a gender equity policy must set a good example and not look down on women.

The MOET is male dominated. The number of women in leadership position is low but the situation is slowly changing.