Vanuatu has a high rate of violence due to technology advancement.

A third year student at Marmara University, Nişantaşı Kampus in Turkey, Mr Brian Tete is pursuing a Masters Degree in Media Economics for the past three and a half years and is currently in country to do his thesis on the rising violence in Vanuatu and is an advocate for the most vulnerable part of the society.

“I have done comparisons between Vanuatu and Turkey and have found that though Turkey is bigger a country with diverse race of people and cultures, they look after themselves and the leaders do look after their people,” he said.

“While in Vanuatu, is a very small country with a population of only 200,000 plus, yet we have women and children becoming victims of domestic violence, rape and killings that has recently been on the rise, making headlines.”

Mr Tete reiterated that social issues have been on the rise due to the advancement of Technology and communities haven’t been given much awareness on the use social media which is the main means of communication these days.

“Many people in Vanuatu and especially the younger generation use social media daily and do not know the consequences, for instance, a simple post can stir problem by not offending one person but another 100 persons following you on social media-people do not really understand the advantages and disadvantages of social media,” he said.

“I will be doing my thesis research on the causes of domestic violence, i have questions for relevant authorities that I know it’s their work to fight against these inhuman acts and I will put together all the information in both English and Turkish, as I am going back to Turkey to defend my thesis beginning of October and I am going to fight for my country, especially women, children and the disability in my presentation.”

Mr Tete said that as a Ni-Van overseas, he is marketing Vanuatu as a tourist destination and as a country that has been voted as the happiest place on Earth but that has come in question recently when headlines on killings resulting from domestic violence were posted on online media.

“As a citizen, I have the right to question what our leaders are doing about this, we need action and not just talks because it’s not enough, all these has to stop to ensure the security for our women and children from now into the future,” he said.

“I am very concerned, and I care about my country that I want to fight and advocate for Vanuatu’s vulnerable part of the society.”