David Pattinson, an elderly Englishman accused of alleged sex offences with local children around Port Vila since 2014 is roaming around town after he was granted bail on August 25, 2016.

Daily Post understands that Pattinson, who breached his former bail condition by leaving the country to skip prosecution has returned.

He was first arrested in 2014 but released on bail then rearrested at least 4 more times that year and charged with sex related offences, involving male minors.

While on bail he is required to comply with seven conditions,which included him surrendering his passport and return ticket to the Court Registry.

He is also required not to leave Port Vila, Efate and must report to Police in Port Vila every Friday until he appears before the Supreme Court on September 29.

The 61-year-old English national was reportedly sighted by concerned residents around Port Vila on at least three occasions by different residents, who each time saw him accompanying young ni-Vanuatu boys. A very concerned resident that saw him walking in town with a young boy had to call the Police Family Protection Unit.

In another occasion, concerned residents who saw him walking with another boy followed him to the boy’s house where they cautioned the boy’s parents but the boy’s parents reportedly said Pattinson was a good man who bought them land. READ MORE