Community leaders on Epi have strongly urged their people to take good care of their families following the tragic but shameful death of an old woman at one of the remotest villages on the island.

It was alleged that the woman died following a disagreement at home with one of his middle-aged sons over food.

Her death sparked condemnation in the entire village at the deceased’s son and wife.

According to locals, the middle-aged man’s mother was apologizing to his kids that she could not share breakfast with them because the meal she prepared was small, only enough for them (her and her husband including their other grandchildren living with them) to eat before going to the garden.

The grandmother and her husband were also looking after their daughter’s children.

The man allegedly yelled at his mother for refusing to feed his children.

But, that was not the first time they have had such argument, it was revealed.

It was also revealed that the woman and her son are not in good terms at home. They were arguing at all times, sometimes leading to fights. It was conveyed that at one time, the man threatened to kill her mother with a knife.

The Chairman of the Epi Tarbumale Council of Chiefs, Paramount Chief Supapo Varasilev, has an important message for all citizens of Epi, particularly young married couples.

“You can ask your parents for help but you must stop relying on them to provide everything.

“People who choose to marry and live together must not be too dependent on their parents,” he said.