handicraft-vanuatuThe recent signing of a Partnership Agreement between the Department of Industry (GoV), Vanuatu Skills Partnership (DFAT) and Vanuatu Strategic Tourism Action Plan (MFAT) is testimony that the Handicraft Sector is slowly but gradually gaining formal recognition.

With concerted efforts and resources through this partnership and the completion of the major infrastructure projects in the country, this is posed to accelerate both demand and supply in this sector-within the next five years.

A study carried out by a local consultant indicated that Vanuatu’s handicraft sector is worth around Vt1.3 billion.

It further indicated that a reduction of 20% of imported handicraft/souvenir products substituted with an increase in local production would generate Vt100 to 200 million in revenue in the rural economy.

Port Vila alone has over 500 market vendors.

The Acting Director of the Department of Industry (DoI), Noel Kalo says the DoI is rearranging itself to accommodate the work of the Handicraft sector and it is progressing well.

“We have managed to make several accomplishments, and a very important one is through the partnership with the VSTAP, through the Handicraft Business Development Program,” he said.

“A specific strategic plan will be established to guide the work and coordinate other stakeholders involved in this sector. “ READ MORE