Talemaot, WSB’s film dealing with rape, will play in Los Angeles on the 13th of October at the Awareness Film Festival.

The Festival brings together films from around the world that promote advocacy and awareness. According to the organizers, they had received more entries than ever before and ‘the competition was extremely high.’

Talemaot looks at what a young woman goes through after being raped; the terrible fear of being pregnant and the endless play back of the rape in the girl’s mind.

The film was made to be used with detainees who have committed sexual crimes; to try and help them understand what they had done to their victims.

When the film was shown to a group of detainees earlier this year, the tension in the room was palpable. At the end many of the detainees were visibly moved and some were in tears.

One of them said, ‘I don’t usually talk but I want to tell you that seeing this film has made me feel ashamed about what I have done’.

Two DVDs of some other new Wan Smolbag films have arrived; series 8, the final season, of Love Patrol and a collection of other films made since 2015.

They include, Talemaot, Yumi Go Kale, Yu No Save Ronwe Long Lav and Wasem Han; a film made in the theatre on sanitation issues.

In October, Wan Smolbag will be releasing ‘Laef I Swit’, a popular stage play made into a film in 2015, and funded by Australian Aid, through the Stretem Rod blong Jastis mo Sefty Project.

Laef I Swit will be premiered at Wan Smolbag Haos in October to an invited audience.

Virana David, who plays Sonia, the main character in the film, says the story reflects the lives of many young women today, ‘so many girls stay in abusive relationships and see no way out.

It is hoped the film will help couples to talk about how they can have a more equal relationship.’

Laef I Swit will be shown around Vila and will be on DVD with the documentary ‘Rainbow’, a moving piece about Rainbow Disability Theatre and their tour around Malekula sponsored by World Vison.

The DVDs are on sale for Vt1000, although they are free to schools and communities.

The 2017 film season is going well with three weeks of night shoots already completed and day shoots underway. This year’s project is a mini series. It’s a family saga that starts with a quarrel about who should receive a deceased father’s VNPF payout, his second wife or his sons. The working title is, ‘Ded Laf Wan Taem’. This series puts women centre stage and is set in Blacksands.

Last year’s major film project ‘Abomination’ is presently in the final stages of post-production. Loic Taga is fixing the sound and composing music for the film.

Abomination, is about a young pastor, who believes he is righteous in the eye of God and fully understands all of God’s words.

He despises his sister and her sons although one of them sings in the church choir. In his eyes, the boy is an abomination.

WSB hopes to release the film in the first half of 2018.