Virginia Taravaki (left) with husband Te Taravaki and her three children at the airport yesterday.

Country NetGo Coordinator Virginia Taravaki departed the country yesterday to be part of the bench official team for the 2022 Oceania Netball World Cup qualifiers in Suva, Fiji.

Taravaki was excited with her selection and was surprised to receive the call for her Fiji trip.

“I am very excited and also having mixed emotions the fact that i’m going and also Vanuatu does not have a team in the tournament but for me to be there as a bench official representing Vanuatu is a huge achievement for me.

“When they gave me the call and told me that my service is needed there as a bench official i was so happy, it came as a surprise for me and it still hasn’t sunk in yet,” Taravaki said.

When Daily Post asked Ms. Taravaki on the very thing she will be looking forward to she replied; “ I’m looking forward to meet my new colleagues and learn more about bench officials this is new to me.

“Also see how much Vanuatu as missed out as far as netball is concern,” she added.

Ms. Taravaki looks forward to meet with other NetGo Coordinators from other Pacific countries in particular Fiji to discuss development plans for Vanuatu netball.

“Probably we will catch up during dinner sessions or during our free time,” Taravaki added.

All bench officials will go through two days training starting today, followed by assessment in the weekend before the tournament kicks off next Tuesday.