The Department of Livestock has yet again lost another of its cattle to thieves who have snuck in the Livestock Cattle Farm Tagabe Station along the Tagabe river, on Monday.

The thieves crudely butchered a 1-year and 3-month-old breeding bull and left the carcass behind.

Farm Manager of Cattle Production, Robert Iapatu said the Livestock department have had similar cases of break-ins and cattle raiding over the recent years. The previous raid was on 30th July, when thieves broke into the farm and stole a young bull.

The cattle in the farm are regarded as Government property used for the National Livestock Restocking Program to distribute cattle to all commercial farms around the provinces of Vanuatu.

Vanuatu has the most conductive environments in the world for raising cattle. The Vanuatu Livestock Department under the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity is aiming to reach its target of cattle distribution of 500,000 cattle distributed to all parts of Vanuatu by 2024-2025.

Iapatu is appealing to all community chiefs dwelling in adjacent areas, to raise awareness on the importance of cattle production in Vanuatu.

The government is trying to advance improvement in developing its country through the managing and breeding of cattle, the people on the other hand, should highly take into consideration of the services provided by the government.

“A word of appeal goes to all the neighbouring communities residing at Tagabe and Switi area, the issue of stealing from a government property is regarded as a felony and the thieves will be apprehended and punished for their offences,” Iapatu said.

“The people of Vanuatu are encouraged to support the government, in any way they can, in order to contribute in the development of our country and to support the Department of Livestock in achieving the target goal of cattle distribution.”

Manager Iapatu ended his remarks by saying if anyone has further information on the cattle thieves, they should report to the police immediately.