The ‘Tingting Rod Sefti’ traffic awareness campaign was officially launched at Saralana park yesterday morning.

The campaign aims to educate drivers and pedestrians about the use of Port Vila’s new bus stops, footpaths, road signs and road line markings.

The Vanuatu Project Management Unit (VMPU) is leading this informative campaign and is the lead-agency for the implementation of the Port Vila Urban Development Project (PVUDP).

PVUDP aims to improve road network and drainage system in greater Port Vila, encouraging improved traffic flow and greater awareness of traffic safety.

The formal launching was steered by VMPU program Director Johnson Wabaiat, Port Vila Lord Mayor Albert Sandy Daniel, ADB Representative Mr Arto Ahonen, Australian High Commissioner Jenny Da Rin and the Minister for Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Jotham Napat.

Tingting Rod Sefti (TRS) is an initiative component of the Governments of Vanuatu, Australia and the Asian Development bank (ADB) as part of the PVUDP.

The integrated public campaign uses animation, outdoor billboards, bus stickers, print media, radio and TV broadcasts and digital media to share the “Tingting Rod Sefti” message with people living in and visiting Vanuatu.

Port Vila’s residents constitute the primary target audience.

The campaign is working in partnership with the Public Land Transport Authority, Shefa Port Vila Public Land Transport Association, Municipal Traffic Wardens, the Vanuatu Traffic police and Vanuatu’s media organisations to encourage everyone to ‘Tingting Rod Sefti’ on Port Vila roads.

TRS campaign has a practical partnership between the Government of Vanuatu, bus associations, media organisations, government regulators and infrastructure departments.

PVUDP Traffic Awareness Plan entailed the recommendation, design and implementation of Port Vila road infrastructure and traffic measures, including new main roads, bus stops, footpaths, road signs and road line markings.

The launching ended with the distribution of TSR stickers to vehicle owners and bus drivers who left not only with a considerate understanding of the new road awareness, but with free T-shirts supporting the TRS campaign.

The TRS campaign will be handed over to the Port Vila Municipal Council’s Municipal Traffic Wardens and the Vanuatu Police Force’s Traffic police to continue in November 2018.