Vanuatu student at Nisantasi Campus of Marmara University in Istanbul, Turkey, Brian Tete gave a seminar presentation to fellow students Wednesday on the subject of domestic violence in Vanuatu.

The presentation was part of the preparation of Masters Students for their thesis writing.

Tete says the topics for the presentations by the students were chosen by the Seminar Professor Nurşen Mazici, a popular professor in Turkey.

“When I got my topic about Domestic Violence, i thought about my country Vanuatu, as I was recently following up news on the net via social media about recent killings in Vanuatu,”he said.

“That’s why I decided to do a campaign also in my university concerning domestic violence in Vanuatu.”

Tete says one main highlight of his presentation was when he talked about Miss Florence Lengkone, the lady who was abducted and assaulted by a group of taxi drivers in early 2016.

He compiled information for his presentation using information also from a survey that was sent to him Mrs. Merilyn Tahi from the Vanuatu Women’s Center in Port Vila.

“I also followed up all those update attacks happening in Vanuatu and I was just too sad. I told myself it’s time I fight and help stop violence together, that’s why I also raise a campaign on domestic violence at my University,” he added.

“The turnout at the presentation was great and then my professor commended the presentation that she was shocked to hear about such news, like recently there were victims of domestic violence as she also knew Vanuatu was the happiest place on earth.

“Florence is a very strong and brave lady, I wish to thank her for accepting me using her photograph during my presentation, the students were so surprised and they also commented on Florence calling her a super strong lady indeed.”

Tete says as a Vanuatu Student in Turkey he will continue to advocate against domestic violence against women and children because he thinks Vanuatu needs more awareness on domestic violence especially in the rural areas.

His advice is: “As the population growth rises every day, we should start treating everyone with respect and have good thoughts for one another”.