Telecom Vanuatu Ltd (TVL) has sponsored the SMART Sistas with a cheque of Vt400,000.

TVL Chief Marketing Officer, Palash Bhowmik conveyed that TVL is proud and honored to be sponsoring the team as they prepare to leave for Mexico next month to participate in the International Robotic Competition.

“We are very proud of this group of girls that are representing Vanuatu in an international level and we are very excited for them,” he said.

“The smiles on your faces has shown the confidence and hope in you (girls) to make the country proud.”

TVL has pledged its support for the SMART Sistas as they represent the youth of Vanuatu and are the future of this country.

“You are the future of this country, the youth now have the power to build a country and TVL is proud to support a young group of girls endeavoring into the robotic world as this will be the next era of life that Vanuatu will one day be part of,” Bhowmik said.

“Either you win or lose the competition, it does not matter, learning is what matters so go for it.”

Lana Moli, representing the SMART Sistas acknowledged TVL for the sponsorship.

“We will try our best to win and make everyone proud,” she said.

Rodney Philemon, on behalf of the SMART Sistas committee reiterated that support given by TVL is greatly appreciated as the girls geared for the international event.

“The SMART Sistas will spend six nights in Mexico for the competition and should return to Vanuatu on August 21, we will keep everyone posted on the updates of SMART Sistas participation,” he concluded.