The U-Bloc Member of Parliament for Port Vila Constituency, MP Ephraim Kalsakau, representing the Workers Union, confirmed that the U-Bloc Committee met yesterday and unanimously resolved to support a female candidate for the position of Head of State.

“As such, U-Bloc’s three MPs will support any female candidate for this high post.

“U-Bloc is not fielding any candidates because we are only a minority group with only three MPs in the current political grouping in parliament, but we are hoping that other major groupings will propose a female candidate.

“If they do then we will certainly support the female candidate,” MP Kalsakau told the Daily Post.

He went on that: “The Labour Unions around the world have always supported the gender equality for women in political arena and even for the posts of Head of State or Presidents around the world.

“The Union’s aim is to empower the women to advance and utilize their ability equal to men for top posts around the world,” he said.

“With this decision of a female candidate for Presidency in our nation now made by the U-Bloc, we encourage major political groupings in Parliament and the members of the Electoral College to support a female candidate for President’s position now vacant when the vote takes place on July 3rd which is only a matter of days away from today,” said MP Kalsakau.

The U-Bloc is part of the current Government that commands the majority of MPs in the national parliament.