Vanuatu songbird, Vanessa Quai and the New Breedz Band are leaving for New Zealand today, June 20 2019.

They are touring New Zealand, around the region of Auckland for the first time from the 20th June to 11th July 2019, after her performance at the biggest gospel music festival in New Zealand “The Parachute Festival” in 2007.

Some of her hits such as “Freedom”, “Akoe”, “Transformation”, “No More”, “Gala Kece Sara”, and her version of “A Roro Karea”, are known in parts of Auckland.

The tour promoter, the Wycliffe Bible Translation NZ, were overwhelmed by her unique and authentic music. Vanessa Quai and the New Breedz band are hoping that this tour will open their market in New Zealand to other parts of the world.