Today, Monday November 14, the world is again celebrating World Diabetes Day.

Diabetes is a significant concern globally with figures now indicating the largely preventable disease affects as many as one in 11 people.

Further, the burden of diabetes disproportionately burdens individuals in low and middle income countries meaning nations such as Vanuatu risk significant health, economic and development costs should the burden of disease continue to rise. With diabetes causing significant disability, suffering and premature death, the aim of World Diabetes Day is to raise public awareness about diabetes, its risk factors, preventative measures, early warning signs and treatments.

The theme for this year is ‘Eyes of Diabetes’ drawing attention to both the need for early detection of diabetes through routine NCD screening as well as the importance of people with diabetes seeking regular medical checkups in order to prevent complications such as blindness, cardiovascular diseases and permanent nerve damage.

This year the Women’s Island Cricket League will lead the celebrations of World Diabetes Day.

This celebration will take place at Independence Park from 8.30am today and will include an array of activities including health checkups and cricket games to promote the importance of an active lifestyle in the prevention of NCDs such as diabetes.

World Diabetes Day is the world’s largest diabetes awareness campaign developed to respond to the escalating health threat posed by diabetes. The key messages for this World Diabetes Day are that: Early detection of type 2 diabetes through NCD screening is important in modify the disease’s outcome and reducing the risk of complications; and screening for diabetes complication amongst individuals already diagnosed with any type of diabetes is essential in managing the disease and preventing complications. READ MORE