Entrepreneur Estelle Milfirer hails from Shefa and is a woman of exceptional talents with years of experience in the art of designing jewelries.

Six years ago, Estelle dawned her passion to designing ornaments when she and her husband Tal Milfirer purchased the long-established Vanuatu Bijouterie business in Port-Vila.

Since then, Estelle has dedicated her flair and devotion for Vanuatu and Melanesian culture, with designs often copied but never to match the artisan jewellery which combines the Melanesian traditional art lines of the Pacific with the art of fine French Jewellery making.

All her work is being handmade in Vanuatu with her team of craftsmanship led by Master Jewellers Michel Mayeu, Willie Masauvakalo and Kada Bangalulu all with a combined experience of over 80 years in Jewellery making.

They source the best Tahitian Pearls, gemstones with an accompanying state of the art gemological lab to produce high end Jewellery that are exposed in the most influential Jewellery Shows in the Asia Pacific region.

As a regular and award winning exhibitor at the largest Jewellery fairs in the region and internationally, Vanuatu Bijouterie prides itself of being unique and exquisitely handcrafted in Vanuatu.

Estelle is a passionate supporter of Vanuatu business and sources as much local raw material as possible to use in her designs (Amethysts, Jaspers from Malekula, Obsidian and petrified wood from Santo, all locally cut by her team of Lapidary — art of cutting gems).

She also proudly invests in an all Ni-Vanuatu team of apprentices, carvers, lapidary and master jewellers.

Estelle designs are inspired by Vanuatu Culture – not simply for the stunning geometrical lines of Melanesian designs but local architecture and symbols as well.

Her Jewellery charms are cut and designed in forms of nakamals, aelan dresses, coconut palms and other Vanuatu crops (Kava leaves etc.) marine life and other traditional elements of Vanuatu life.

She added “I will never stop looking for inspiration.”

The full circled boar tusk is a unique symbol to Melanesian culture and are cultivated exclusively in the islands of Vanuatu and PNG. It takes 5 to 20 years of cultivating the pig to achieve the custom full circle tusk.

In the South Pacific, boars grown for tusk play a very important role in the lives of the local people. They are a token of wealth and status and are used as essential currency in Melanesian culture.

The boar tusks are sourced by Vanuatu Bijouterie and serve as a particularly beautiful base for a jewel encrusted bangle.

Each tusk Jewellery created by Vanuatu Bijouterie is the result of many hours of careful work and meticulous precision. It normally takes five days to finish a raw product, from a bare tusk to a fully embossed bangle.

Engraved or mounted with Tahitian Pearls, gemstones into precious metals, bejewelled tusks are Vanuatu Bijouterie’s cultural pride.

Vanuatu Bijouterie’s gallery and showroom has a large viewing glass so visitors can see her designs being crafted on site. It is a great place to visit, learn more about the history of Vanuatu Bijouterie (established in Vanuatu since 1970) and browse the ever-changing range of items.

Open six days a week, the factory and showroom is located in the Nambatu area of Port-Vila, 200m passed Au Bon Marche supermarket.

Vanuatu Bijouterie also has a boutique in the center of town, next door to the Bank of South Pacific building.

Designs can be viewed or purchased online at or on /