The Holiday Inn Vanuatu national women’s cricket team proved themselves stars once again when they beat Fiji with an impressive win of 135 runs at the Pacific Cup tournament in New Zealand this week.

In a thrilling encounter on Wednesday, the girls’ squad showcased their prowess on the cricket field as they dominated Fiji in their inaugural match of the tournament.

Taking the lead in batting the team secured a resounding victory by a whopping 160 runs, bowling out Fiji under 40, a score of 36, dismantling the Samoan opposition in a mere 11 overs. The triumph was nothing short of comprehensive, setting a strong tone for their campaign.

Following this impressive start, the team faced a unique challenge against the Aotearoa Maori team, the first indigenous team in New Zealand.

In a match characterized by intensity and nail-biting moments, the Aotearoa Maori team emerged victorious by 5 wickets and with just 2 balls remaining in the game.

The close contest added a layer of excitement to the tournament, especially considering that their formidable rivals, Papua New Guinea who is one of the region’s toughest teams, had earlier suffered a significant defeat at the hands of the Aotearoa Maori team.

A huge devastating loss also was encountered by the team yesterday afternoon when the Holiday Inn girls faced defeat while playing against a strong Samoan side who won with 99 runs and 3 wicket wins.

As the tournament progresses, the squad’s performance promises to keep fans on the edge of their seats, with each match offering a mix of skill, strategy, and suspense. The unexpected twists and turns only serve to highlight the competitive spirit of the teams involved, making this cricket tournament a must-watch for enthusiasts worldwide.

The Aotearoa Maor’s team leads the pool now, followed by powerful Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu.