beverly-hills-mamas-cricketThe Vanuatu Cricket Association (VCA) has launched a 20 week Island Cricket Program in the Beverly Hills Community aimed at providing awareness on nutrition, non-communicable diseases and reproductive health.

The program brings together over 30 women between the ages of 25-60 and teaches them traditional cricket played in full island dress as well as provide opportunities for their children to participate in the VCA’s junior cricket program.

The program will run both practical and theory sessions weekly to educate the participants on a number of issues that are currently affecting women in Vanuatu. These sessions will be coordinated by the Ministry of Health through the Department of Health Promotion Unit, National NCD Coordinator, Wan Smol Bag, Vanuatu Family Health Association and the Department of Women’s Affairs.

“We acknowledge the expertise in the area of community development at our disposal via our partners in this project,” said VCA President, Mark Stafford. “A huge thank you to Chief Wilfred Frank and people of Beverly Hills Community, the Vanuatu Government through the Ministry of Health, Department of Women’s Affairs, Australian Government, Wan Smol Bag, Vanuatu Family Health Association and WHO,” Stafford continues.

Participants will be tested in areas such as glucose and cholesterol levels, weight and physical measurements. Regular focus groups, surveys and interviews will also take place in an attempt to analyze changes in knowledge, habits and behaviors of the participants. The Women’s Island Cricket Program is funded by the Australian Government through the Pacific Sports.