Vanuatu’s beach volleyball duo of Linline Matauatu and Majabelle Lawac have won the Queensland Beach Volleyball championship in Brisbane, Australia.

After years of dedication and perseverance honing their skills in the Australian state, the female duo emerged victorious as the top seeds in the Premier Women’s Division, culminating the 2023/2024 Queensland Beach Volleyball season on Saturday morning.

Matauatu and Lawac, affectionately known as Lin and Bella, exhibited unwavering focus as they defeated their counterparts from POOL A, Anna Jankovic and Alice De Innocentiis, with a commanding score line of 21-13, 21-17.

President of the Vanuatu Volleyball Federation (VVF), Debbie Masauvakalo, praised the duo for their stellar performance, emphasizing the strong bond between Vanuatu and Australia fostered through the players’ achievements in beach volleyball.

Masauvakalo also highlighted the financial relief afforded to the athletes, as their seasonal work in Australia significantly reduced transportation costs associated with participating in the prestigious tournament.

Navigating through a modified 8-team, 2 Pool play format, the Vanuatu pair swiftly progressed through the initial matches with consecutive set victories, maintaining their momentum into the semi-final stage.

This triumph marks yet another milestone in Team Vanuatu’s journey towards the forthcoming Olympic qualifiers in June.

Vanuatu Beach Volleyball (VBV) expressed gratitude to sponsors Titan FX and P&O crews, whose Senior Vice President Peter Little underscored their unwavering support, rooted not only in the program but also in the players themselves, who serve as role models for the Vanuatu community.

The Team Vanuatu contingent comprising Matauatu, Lawac, Sherysyn Toko, and Loti Joe, embarked on their next challenge today, venturing to Thailand to compete in the AVC Samila Open from April 13-16 in Songkla.

Subsequently, they will travel to China in May for two FIVB Futures events scheduled from May 9-12 in Pingtan and May 16-19 in Wuhan, ahead of the pivotal final Olympic qualifying phases slated for June.

VBV also thanked the Vanuatu Association of Sports and National Olympic Committee (VASANOC) and the Ministry of Sports for their generous support.