An exhibition called the “Vanuatu Femmes” was launched on Monday this week at Espace Alliance Française by Mrs. Jenny Tasale, the newly elected councilor of Port Vila municipality in the presence of Ralph Regenvanu, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Gilles Favret, French Ambassador and Mr. Georges Cumbo, Director of the Alliance Française.

This exhibition, organized by Alliance Française in partnership with the French Embassy, shows the art works of five women artists of Vanuatu.

Yasmine Björnum with her poems, Juliette Pita with her tapas, Marie Saint-Hilaire with her pottery, Stephanie Ephraim with her photos and Rosa Vatu with her traditional baskets.

It was organised to celebrate the International Women’s Day 2018 in Vanuatu.

Each of the artists have their own way to promote and defend women’s rights.

Juliette Pita, from the island of Erromango, can be viewed as one of the first female artists in Vanuatu, and has turned her traditional knowledge into artistic work with the use of tapa and island patterns.

Yasmine Björnum shows how to express her deep feelings of being a single mum in Vanuatu through her touching bislama rhymes.

Stephanie Ephraïm has chosen to have women as models on many of her photos, which highlights the different kinds of beauty from Vanuatu.

Rosa Vatu on her side is specialized in handicraft baskets and is also committed to replace the plastic bags with these traditional items.

The exhibition shows that talent is not a question of gender and could trigger some vocations among Vanuatu girls and women.

The exhibition is open until March 24 2018 at Espace Alliance Française on Lini Highway.