THE Vanuatu National Youth Authority Bill was passed in parliament yesterday.

The National Youth Council president Morry Ruben shook hands with the Minister of Youth and Sport Simeon Seule and thanked him for initiating the passing of the bill.

Youth Sector Analyst Paul Nalau said this is the first youth bill in the Pacific and shows that our government recognised young people.

“And as a Commonwealth country we are the first to put together legislation that supports the structure of youth and allows youth to be present in every government policy making and other decision making,” he said.

“This is a milestone in the national level as well as internationally.”

“I am so proud to witness this historical moment; thank you to everyone who have worked hard for this bill to be passed,” said Mr Ruben.

According to the principle administrative officer of NYC, Joe Kalo, the next step is to establish the National Youth Authority and formalise the existing national youth council and youth worker association.

“Now with the Youth Bill the government will be able to provide resources for the development of the Youths,” he said.

Mr Nalau said the government will be putting a priority on youth, starting from next year.