FIFA has invited two sports journalists in Vanuatu to attend the FIFA Women’s world cup in Paris, France commencing on the 7th June-7th July 2019.

FIFA, one of the world’s largest sporting organization, has requested Adele Willie and Jenesa Hinge Moli from Vanuatu and Fiji’s Just Play program manager, Lavinia Yolovie, to attend the Women’s World Cup to do commentating for New Zealand’s world cup campaign in Paris.

According to an interview with 96BUZZ FM, Miss Willie said that the reporting will be in bislama or in our indigenous language.

She mentioned that before the tournament begins, the team, composing of Jenesa, Lavinia and herself will be accompanied by Aaron Kearney, from ABC Australia, who will be facilitating them in commentating, will attend the FIFA’s 60th women congress taking place in Paris from 7-9th June before the games will begin on the 10th June.

Miss Willie said that the program started out from an ABC Australia’s WINS (Women in News and Sports) program which seeks to promote women in sports. She said last year, under the program, they had commentated live in bislama during the Oceania Football Confederations (OFC) nations cup qualifying round in New Caledonia.

“It was from there that FIFA and OFC selected us to participate in one of the world’s biggest events,” she said.

“The Nations cup qualifying round has allowed us to gain such experiences, especially, in bislama reporting.

“FIFA was aware of the reporting and selected the three of us to report, with me and Jenesa in bislama and Lavinia in Fijian language. OFC’s theme for this year is ‘promoting indigenous language’.

“We will be commentating and broadcasting via Television which will be out in Pacific TV stations including Vanuatu.

“Arrangements are made by FIFA in regards to the trip,” said Miss Willie.

Miss Willie said that it is a privilege for Vanuatu and Fiji to be part of such big events emphasizing that there are a lot of opportunities for women in Vanuatu and the Pacific to take part in. She said that it is a great opportunity even though Vanuatu is not participating in the tournament.

According to Miss Willie, with such opportunities, if Vanuatu were to host such events in the future, sports commentators are available and they are here to help Vanuatu and also promoting women in news and sports.

Miss Willlie wishes to acknowledge 96BUZZ FM for the opportunity to allow her to attend the event, OFC, for the support, FIFA for the tremendous offer, ABC Australia WINS program, under Australian’s foreign affairs for realizing women’s participation in sports.