The Vanuatu women’s cricket team has triumphed in a resounding victory over Japan in the T20I Series, marking a significant milestone for the squad.

Exhibiting exceptional prowess, our women’s team commanded the match, posting a formidable total of 70 runs. On the opposing end, Japan struggled to match our team’s vigor, mustering only 65 runs.

Among the standout performers, all-rounder Rachel Andrew emerged as a force to be reckoned with, seizing the coveted Player of the Match accolade.

Andrew’s commanding performance saw her contribute a remarkable 44 runs off 37 deliveries, a testament to her batting prowess. Her multifaceted talent shone brightly as she also claimed a crucial wicket.

The match witnessed the debut of Vanessa Vira on the national stage, and her entrance was nothing short of sensational. Displaying tenacity and skill, Vira etched her mark by securing her maiden T20 International wickets. Her remarkable feat included the capture of two wickets for a mere three runs, achieved over a span of three overs.

The Vanuatu women’s cricket team has undeniably etched a remarkable victory in the annals of the T20I Series, demonstrating their mettle and paving the way for a promising journey ahead.

They will play Japan again tomorrow.