As the world anticipates International Women’s Day (IWD), the Vanuatu Daily Post launches a captivating series of interviews spotlighting women from diverse background, sharing their unique journeys and experiences.

Today, our spotlight falls on the remarkably talented singer, Ms Vanessa Sallyann Quai, a 35-year-old artist hailing from Ambae with roots in Fiji. Engaged to Mark Taiki since December 2023, Ms Quai is a proud mother to a two-year-old daughter, navigating the complex balance of familial duties alongside her professional pursuits.

The singing sensation reflects on the challenges and joys of her multifaceted roles: daughter, mother, wife, and professional artist. She credits her strength and determination to her faith in God, alongside the unwavering support of her family and friends throughout her journey.

Ms Quai is a full-time musician, primarily focusing on singing.

According to her, music isn’t just her passion, it is her livelihood. “I invest significant time in recording new songs and crafting lyrics in the studio. Setting up a home studio with my family has been a game-changer, alongside running a day-care centre managed by my mother and a studio overseen by my brother,” she said.

In addition to her family businesses, Ms Quai also run side ventures. Teaching private vocal lessons to children aged 7 to 14 is one aspect, and she disclosed that she has recently ventured into establishing a small online boutique for her daughter- a project she’s currently developing. Furthermore, she’s currently pursuing courses in business administration at the University of South Pacific (USP).

Balancing these roles presents its challenges, especially as a mother and professional singer.

Traveling extensively for performances comes with its sacrifices, often involving Ms Quai having to leave her daughter behind. However, she relayed that she is exploring ways to include her daughter in her future travels, ensuring she remains a part of her journey.

Managing multiple businesses alongside her music career requires careful time management and dedication. While it’s not without its difficulties, the singer believes women possess a unique ability to juggle various responsibilities within the home and beyond. It’s all part of the adventure.

Speaking with the Vanuatu Daily Post, she relayed that her proudest achievements include earning five International Singing Awards, traversing the globe, establishing businesses, and, most significantly, embracing motherhood.

The talented female singer acknowledges that a significant challenge she faced growing up was battling the fear of pursuing a career as a female singer in a predominantly male-dominated industry. “I had to conquer persistent bullying, navigate through heartbreaks, and endure numerous rejections to evolve into the confident woman I am today. Ultimately, the main victory was overcoming fear itself,” she said.

Her journey is a testament to resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity. Ms Quai expressed that her advice to her younger self would be to stay consistent in her studies and never be afraid to spread to spread her wings.

“And to all you young girls and woman out there, all of you are special in your own ways, you are unique. Embrace it and believe in yourself, dream big,” she added.

Ms Quai’s story epitomises the spirit of resilience, ambition, and empowerment, inspiring women across Vanuatu and beyond to reach for the stars.