VANWODS-CEO-Serah-ObedVANWODS Microfinance has announced the appointment of Serah Obed as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) this week.

Prior to joining VANWODS, Mrs. Obed started work as Trainee Auditor at the National Auditor’s office in 1985 and moved up to the Principal Auditor position during her 10 years there. In 1995, she held up a position as an Accountant to the Office of the Official Receiver at the Vanuatu Financial Service commission and was later appointed as the Deputy Commissioner in 2001 until 2019.

On July 1 2020, Mrs. Obed was appointed as the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) for VANWODS Microfinance.

Deputy Chairlady to the Board Ms. Leona Doreen, reaffirmed the appointment of Mrs. Obed and spoke with confidence of her recruitment. She stated, “I am so grateful and thankful to see another woman retain this position. A woman who will carry the grievances and needs of the vulnerable group at heart. A woman who has a love for family and will continue to ensure women’s faces glow in their lowest moments when struggling to make ends meet for their immediate families and be able to achieve their dreams in life, because these vulnerable women have been offered financing access, trained in basic financial skills and continued to be served with integrity and pride that will be provided by the team. We want to see women success stories continue with the next generations to come”.

Commenting on her new appointment, CEO Obed said; “My interest in coming to VANWODS — if given the opportunity – is to invest the management and the accounting skills and experience gained over the last 23 years. More purposely, to improve the management and operations of VANWODS as it continues to empower low income earners to grow their businesses while at the same time transforming their lives.

“VANWODS is well established with a good networking system that is built on trust. With the financial literacy training provided, members need to be assisted to advance their businesses.

“The immediate need for VANWODS to continue to achieve its goals and objectives is to get the systems and the bases for operations working. Connectivity with the centers is important to continue to build up the trust and confidence in the organization.”

Mrs. Obed succeeds outgoing CEO Mrs. Julie-Ann Sala who occupied the post for six years and resigned in December 2019.

VANWODS was established as a network working and dedicated to eradicating poverty by empowering women in rural villages with the opportunity to start, grow and maintain sustainable, income generating micro-enterprises, also its an independent organization embracing the vision of becoming a sustainable financial institution owned, managed and controlled by its own members.

VANWODS Board of Trust (BOT) and the Management team warmly welcome Mrs. Obed on board. The BOT looks forward to working with the newly appointed CEO, to continue delivering financial services to the people in the communities and to contribute towards the success of this organization in Vanuatu.

SOURCE: Vanuatu DailyPost