The Vanuatu Christian Council has
organised a march through Port Vila to proclaim the country for God yesterday (Friday 21st Oct).

Chairman of the Vanuatu Christian Council Pastor Allan Nafuki says this is the first time for the VCC to organise a march for Jesus saying it is timely to let other religions know that the Republic of Vanuatu is built on Christian principles and faith in God.

Not only that but the Chairman and VCC Secretary General, Pastor Shem Temar are both members of the Vanuatu Constitution Review Committee.

Pastor Nafuki says the next Parliament is going to talk about the march. If a referendum has to be organised to get the views of the people then let it be. But the Constitution has to be reworded to include ‘Vanuatu is a Christian Country that believes in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit’.

He said, “Throughout the islands, it is unanimous. We don’t want any other faith to come in except our Christian faith”.

What the Chairman has in mind is a notice in bold letters at the airport and at the wharf which declares Vanuatu as a Christian country like what the Greeks, Tahitians and Samoans have at the port of entry to their countries.

Pastor Nafuki says the VCC and the Government are concerned that the freedom of worship clause in the Constitution is too open, which in turn allows other religions including Islamic faith in. READ MORE