The Medical Superintendent of
the Vila Central Hospital in Port Vila, Dr. Santus Wari, has given details of the circumstances surrounding the death of President Baldwin Lonsdale early last Saturday, June 17, at the hospital with an aim to answer critics in the social media and to inform the public at large.

He began by denying allegations in the social media that one of the alleged contributing factors to the death of the President was “five faulty machines” at the hospital.

“What machines are they referring to?” he queried, adding: “There are no five faulty machines.”

Dr. Santus Wari confirmed that the late President arrived at the hospital at 10.52pm on Friday, June 16 complaining of chest pain.

“He was watching TV after a function at the New Zealand High Commission when he experienced chest pain,” Dr. Wari related.

Reacting to this situation, the President’s security people took him by office vehicle to the VCH, he said. “They didn’t call an ambulance or Promedical ambulance service.”

At the Emergency Department of the hospital, a junior doctor and a nurse on duty checked the President’s heart using the electrocardiograph machine (ECG) and saw that he had experienced acute myocardial infarction (heart attack).

“He (the late President) told the junior doctor and the nurse that he had felt better and he wanted to go back home, but they stressed to him that he had had a heart attack and he needed to be admitted to the Medical Ward for further treatment,” Dr. Wari added. He said they intended to call a consultant doctor after he was admitted to attend to him.

“Then they said they would use a wheel chair to take him down to the medical ward, because they knew that any attempt to walk down would put stress on his heart, but he (late President) insisted he would walk.”

Dr. Wari confirmed reports that the wheelchair was old, but he added that it was the only one they had and it was operational. READ MORE