While the introduction of a new Eye Facility at Vila Central Hospital is a plus for those with eye problems, Minister of Health, Jack Norris Kalmet, has reportedly been advised of an allegation that a male member of staff has asked for sex with one of his patients.

The male complainant who asked not to be named says, he has waited for a round table with the male member of staff who has allegedly asked for sex with his partner when she went for her eye treatment but she declined.

“My partner says she was shocked when he asked, ‘Mi save askem yu wan samting?’ (Can I ask you something?) and that was when he allegedly asked her for sex,” he says.

The complainant says he has made a formal complaint to the suspect’s boss after he went to the suspect’s house and was told he was not at home, nor at his work place.

“I wanted to ask him why he would ask such a question when he has his own wife and family to care for,” he says shaking his head.

“If he could make such a request with confidence then it is possible it was not his first time to ask for sex, the concern is that he might have asked other patients for similar favour and it worked. The guy is a threat to patients in his work place.

“He assured my partner that he would pay for the favour. Why would a public servant stoop so low as to ask such an unethical question?”.

The complainant says by chance an adviser to the Minister overheard his conversation with the writer of this article and asked to be told of his complaint.

The complainant wishes to suggest to the Public Service Commission (PSC) to remove such individuals from its ranks saying they do nothing except tarnish the reputation and good name of the hospital and Public Service.

Following a meeting between the complainant and VCH authorities, he called Daily Post the previous Friday to “hold back the story until Monday next week” (which is this week) while the authorities dealt with the allegation.

Daily Post called the VCH switchboard yesterday to follow up and speak to the senior medical staff member who asked for Daily Post to hold back on the story until Monday this week, but did not get through to her.

Frustrated after the authorities did not get back to him to give their side of the story, the complainant says the allegation is far too serious to be delayed and called on the PSC to investigate and take action against the suspect.

A letter on the attempted forced sexual harassment offence has been written to the Director of Hospital and Curative Services and copied to the Minister of Health and Health DG.