The Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) is set to host the first women’s football champions league this weekend, a ground-breaking moment in the sport’s history.

Three Member Associations (MA) have successfully met the stringent requirements to participate in the champion’s league, vying for the opportunity to represent Vanuatu in the OFC 2024 Champions League in the Solomon Islands in March.

The participating teams include Waterfall FC from the Torba Football Association (FA), Lakotai FC from the Tafea FA and Port Vila Football Association (PVFA) champion, Tafea FC.

The tournament kicks off tomorrow (Saturday) with a clash between Waterfall FC and Lakotai FC at the Freswota Stadium. Tuesday next week will witness Tafea FC going head-to-head against Lakotai FC.

The competition culminates on February 24 with a final showdown between Tafea FC and Waterfall FC, determining the winner of the league.

While only three MA are participating in this first edition, the VFF expressed hope and ambition to unite all eight MA in future editions for the holistic development of football across the nation.

VFF Competition’s Manager, Bong Shem, emphasized the significance of the women’s league and urged all MA to actively participate in the future editions.

He highlighted the importance of preparation for the upcoming second edition, stating, “All MA’s are asked to try their best to prepare themselves for the second edition coming up next year since this year was not available for them.”

The call to action reflects the VFF’s commitment to fostering widespread participation and competitiveness among MAs, laying the groundwork for a more inclusive and dynamic landscape in women’s football in Vanuatu.

The women’s league not only marks a historic moment for Vanuatu but also sets the stage for the continued growth and empowerment of women in football across the Pacific region