VNPF Building


The Board of the Vanuatu National Provident (VNPF) will seek legal advice before taking a decision after the Supreme Court found the General Manager (GM) of the Fund guilty of harassing female staff at work.

GM Parmod Achary pleaded not guilty to all five counts of act of indecency without consent and five other counts of the Leadership Code Act breach. However, he was found guilty to all charges in the trial. He is currently out on bail awaiting his sentencing scheduled on August 2, 2023.

The Daily Post was informed that the VNPF Board will obtain legal advice on its decision now that the GM has been found guilty.

Daily Post was told that the VNPF Board will seek legal advice on whether they can terminate him based on his contract, which states that the GM could not be terminated if he has the opportunity to pursue his case.

Achary was appointed in 2017 as VNPF GM. He was re-appointed in 2020 for another four years.