17 new midwives graduating at the Tourism school.

Vanuatu nursing school celebrated the graduation of 17 students who were awarded with a Midwifery Diploma at the tourism school last week, funded by the Vanuatu government and DFAT.

One of the graduates, Guenola Lesines of Pentecost says she is proud of herself for working towards receiving her diploma despite everything that has been happening in the country.

“We started the courses in January 2020 last year and we studied almost 18 months until today,” she said.

All the students who graduated are experienced nurses who have been serving the country for over five years and they decided to add on to their skillset with midwifery.

Nurse Lesines explains: “Before, I was a normal nurse and I worked in a limited field, after this development, I am trained to be specialized in mothers and children care, especially pregnant women and new born babies to five years old children.”

The Nurse from Pentecost adds that the country needs more specialists involved with women and children, which was why she continued to give herself a tap on the back for seeing the course through till the end.

To enroll for the Midwifery Diploma Programme, one must be a registered nurse and with a five -year working experience, which the 17 who graduated in June did.

Now Midwife Lesines is encouraging all young nurses in rural areas to attend the training, build their professional capabilities and give-back to the communities by saving lives.

The 17 awarded students are the third promotion of midwifery diploma.