L to R – Cervical cancer patient Lora Lonsdale and Vanuatu Private Hospital midwife, Nikita Mauotel


While Vanuatu Private Hospital (VPH) is taking the step to help a woman diagnosed with stage 2B of cervical cancer, an appeal is being made for donations because medical treatment abroad will cost over VT4 million.

The patient, Lora Lonsdale, said she was on her home island when she first noticed some symptoms of her illness. “For the first time, I couldn’t stop bleeding,” she said. “I was also experiencing fever and sore stomach so I knew something was wrong with me.” Mrs. Lonsdale shared that an American woman by the name of Jamie visited Motalava and helped her to travel to Port Vila where she went to the Vila Central Hospital (VCH).

She said tests were conducted at the VCH and results confirmed she has cervical cancer. “After the results were released, I should have had gone to Australia for treatment, but unfortunately I had no money to pay for this treatment as it costs over VT4 million,” she said.

“Now I’m with the VPH and they are working on an arrangement for me to get the treatment I need in Noumea.” VPH midwife, Nikita Mauotel, said the first step of the process there is scanning to determine the stage of the cancer because the initial check at VCH was done last year.

“From there, we will look at how we can earn money fast for further full treatment because the treatment will cost over VT4 million,” she said.

“Scanning is the first step and it will cost VT1 million. The stage she is currently in is very serious.”

Midwife Mauotel appeals for donations towards the initiative and encourages all women to go for regular checkups. “Help save a life today, your donation, either small or big will go towards saving a life,” she said.