MSVANUATUTwelve Miss Vanuatu 2016 contestant, are in the final for the big show in October 2016, when only one out of all the hopefuls, will emerge as ‘Miss Vanuatu 2016’.

Of course there will be a runner up but only one will be crowned ‘Miss Vanuatu 2016’.

The pre-selection of Miss Vanuatu 2016 took place on Saturday 23rd July 2016 at Lava Lounge in Port Vila with some 18 contestants out of which twelve were selected by the panelists for the grand-final and the crowing of Miss Vanuatu 2016 which is scheduled to take place in October 2016.

 The contestants are all Ni-Vanuatu citizens who are 17 years of age and over.

While the actual date in October is yet to be set, the brain and the organizer of the event is Ms. Michelle Bourie, who is also founder of the Pikinini blong Vanuatu Association.

She explained to the Daily Post that the idea behind Miss Vanuatu 2016 event is to raise funds that will assist English and French schools in Vanuatu with school material, library books, computers, building materials and much more. The Association she founded some years ago, has contributed tremendously to many schools throughout the country over the past years as has been reported from time to time by the Daily Post in the past.

The recent major Pikinini Blong Vanuatu Association assistance to many schools in Vanuatu was, during the aftermath of the 2015 Tropical Cyclone Pam, when the Association responded with food, school materials and building materials to many schools throughout Vanuatu.

Ms. Michelle Bourie, said she believes ‘Miss Vanuatu 2016’ will help raise much funds to continue supporting needs of the children in schools in the country who will one day become leaders of this nation. She added that “Miss Vanuatu 2016” is also to show talented young Ni-Vanuatu and show the world that Vanuatu has beautiful and happy people as proven twice as the ‘happiest place on earth’.

‘Miss Vanuatu 2016’ event in October is likely to be staged at the National Convention Centre in Port Vila, but this is yet to be confirmed along with the actual date and time for the event in October 2016. READ MORE