After a thorough and rigorous judging process the office of Van2017 is pleased to announce the winning producer and composer of the official theme song for the upcoming Pacific Games as Arthur Knight and a composition entitled “Ignite the Spirit Within”.

A panel of 5 Judges unanimously chose this comp option as the song thoroughly represented the Games and spirit and values that it embraces. The competition itself was a great success with a total of 21 entries by musicians from all over the country who entered the competition.

The judges based their critical assessments solely on melody and lyrics that best capture what the office of Van2017 were looking for.

They rated each song anonymously meaning they did not know the name of the musicians or bands as they listened to each entry. Each judge had a list of criteria’s to rate each song according to lyrical and melody composition, suitability for promotional and marketing purposes, appropriate use of the games theme “Ignite the Spirit within”, as well as the feeling generated by the song itself.

The original song writer, producer and composition was by Arthur however it was his aim to eventually have the song done by a family of artists featured as Vanuatu All Stars 1980-2017 linking all generations of top musicians in one voice, one song.

Upon being notified that his submission had been chosen, Arthur said that “the aim was to be able to present Vanuatu as a professional musical family on the world stage with a song that was original, uplifting, creative, easy to understand and sing a-long to, inspiring athletes all over the region and effectively bringing out 2017 Games theme in the spirit of sports, youth and development.”

“This was the dream of my mentor, the late Joe Bomal Carlo, who believed in the power of youth and development, and who was an integral part of assisting the Vanuatu Government to win the bid for Vanuatu to host the 2017 Pacific Games.”

“This is an opportunity for Vanuatu to shine on the world stage and I wanted all artists to join in spirit and song to show our unity, resilience and positivity in every way.

The key chorus line is “Rise Vanuatu Rise – Shine Pacifika Shine … for a moment in time, we’re together as one, to ignite the spirit within…” Life is moving on every minute, second, hour and we need to make our mark now.”

The original piece displays a unique 7 — genre musical build up from traditional “bubu” shell “custom” calling 24 countries in one “solwora”, to a orchestral inspirational touch, synonymous to all international games opening ceremonies to Vanuatu reggae with a tint of French zouke and rap transiting to the original “nasiviriu” mascot dance flutter in Afro beat with Pacific chants climaxing to today’s euro techno dance with a children’s and local choir.

The original song entry produced by Mr. Knight was recorded and sound engineered by Harvest Studio. As part of the production efforts, a number of remixes of the composition have been created including an all stars mix, extended remix, Afro Vanuatu-Pacific Dance Mix and Euro radio pop mix to market Vanuatu to different markets in the world.

The combined All Stars version also features Vanuatu’s top artists from all generations and walks of life, including Tim Teo Kalmet, Reynolds, Ben Ziro (Huarere), Dalida, Suzanna, reggae sensation -Brada Cloud, songstress Alcina Charley, Jean Pierre, JP Rapper (Wan Voes), Tensley Bule (DJ Roxy), Rexly, Christine Charlie and Allan Stevens Tom, to name a few.

“It was a great pleasure joining such talented and powerful singers to merge into one.

“I am happy Vanuatu can present itself professionally on the world stage. We are ready.”

Arthur has dedicated the song to all past, present and future sports men and women who have for many years helped develop the industry and motivated athletes to be the “best that you can” in whatever you do in life, because you only have one opportunity to give it your best.

The song was launched on Port Vila City Festival along with the official mascot Nasi.

Watch the video here: