A woman has been found dead at Enkahi area on Tanna after she went missing for a month.

The woman was reportedly missing after she was on her way back to White Sands after visiting her daughter who is married to Port Resolution.

Reports confirmed that instead of following the main road back home, the mother decided to take the short cut and that was when she went missing.

Reports said that Tafea Police Patrol was alerted and they sent messages and searched the surrounding areas with the help of the surrounding communities.

Late Yalele Gasper’s body was found a month later after she went missing on her way back from Port Resolution to Ienimaha village.

Late Yalele was found last weekend by three villagers who went to hunt for wild pigs at Enkahi when their dogs took them right to where the body was lying.

When they arrived there they found the deceased’s body and alerted the whole village.

Daily Post was told that the body was already decomposing so itwrapped with a tarpaulin and transported to Ienimaha village later on the day for proper burial.

Tafea Police was later alerted and all searches were called off.