Everyone in life today has someone they respect. Sometimes they are someone of the opposite sex, a close relative, or even a well-known public figure. He or she could also be someone who has earn a certain level of degree in life that grasped you into respecting and admiring them. In this essay I will emphasis the qualities of my sister that made me want to be like her for whom I have great respect for. I will begin by discussing what I admire most about her, secondly how she is always there for me, concluding with why she has earned my respect.


Courage is not just about doing the right thing at the right time. Courage is being able to do the right thing when no one is watching and when others would have never known what you have done. In my eyes she is a woman of courage. She was recently awarded the Women of Courage for 2019 by the US Embassy and I am super proud of her. I am proud of her brave, hardworking personality and this has inspired me most of all to be strong. My sister is a woman of faith and fairness, everything she does she believes in and strives to fulfill. It is because of her great qualities, especially her confidence and neglecting of her personal safety.

She has always had the conventional thought of this above all else; that as long as whatever we do will at the end it will bring a valuable result, not just for ourselves but entire communities and our country then it is worth doing. This belief of hers is also what she practices and initially it seemed strange to me and eventually I admired it and began practicing her ways in my daily life. My sister is the only person I can always go to for whatever comes across my mind, especially through life’s hardships and she is that one person whom I trust most. My sister is like a superhero to me! In other words my other helping hand, she would do anything in her will for everyone she cares and loves. Nothing in her eyes seems to be impossible, she overcomes every single challenge she faces in life in both her workplace and at home. She is a one of the most courageous and talented woman I have known.

She is the founder of Strong Fiuja organization, this organization aims to promote wellbeing for vulnerable children and young people of Vanuatu. The activities organized by this organization such as animal therapy, respite for mums, picnics, counselling, sharing of stories has empowered, encouraged, and supported them. The activities has given the beneficiaries the opportunities to gain confidence and influenced them to strive for the best, regardless of what they have been through. Through meeting my sister and being involved with Strong Fiuja the relationship between my sister and I has been really close. Five years ago she took on most of the financial and parental responsibilities for three children, and then two of my own kids and myself. Together we now also care for each other and children with disabilities. She is nearly always full of energy despite the stressful day at work, at home she always gives us beautiful smiles that makes us feel at home.

To conclude, my sister is the best thing that has happened to me in life, she is the sweetest, most generous woman I have known and respected in my entire life. She has earned my respect because of the things she does best in life, sacrificing her life to look after those who are vulnerable. She help them to see the true meaning of life and to involve them in the future. The good, loving heart she has for all of us is just amazing. She is my sister and I have no doubt that I will never lose respect and trust in her.

Written by Shina Manmelin, LLF14, Foundation English A, USP.