A women’s representative for Rustrong Dispensary at Amapelau on East Malo has repeated an appeal to the Minister of Health, Toara Daniel, to help extend the dispensary and the maternity ward of the dispensary.

She said the need was made to the Minister and his delegation at his earlier visit this year to the dispensary.

“Thank you Minister for appreciating the needs of the people of East Malo and setting up the dispensary at Amapelau. Before that we relied solely on health services from Avunatari Health Centre, where we must pay between Vt4,000 and Vt6,000 for transport,” she said.

“There are some small needs still in front of us,” she added “especially as regards women and mothers, for which I have stood here and made a request to the Minister of Health at the earlier visit. And I am asking for the second time if you can upgrade Rustrong dispensary.”

She informed the minister that the dispensary no longer had space enough for mothers seeking antenatal or postnatal services with many times some mothers had to wait outside.

“The maternity ward is too small and is not enough to accommodate the increasing number of pregnant mothers of the area needing to deliver their babies. Thirdly, the staff house needs maintenance,” the women’s rep added.

Minister Daniel responded confirming that the government of the day through Sanma Health Office in Luganville will make sure to provide roofing iron to help with extension of the dispensary and the maternity ward. But he emphasized that the work had to be done through partnership where the people would provide the labor to construct the extensions needed.