Mrs Caroline Mermer says women in Vanuatu can become national leaders.

The elderly outspoken woman made the comments in response to the Malvatumauri National Council of Chiefs that Vanuatu is not ready to elect a female candidate.

Ms. Mermer is usually very humble when sharing her views and most of her opinions are always related with biblical texts.

“Women are very special in many ways.

“If we look at the bible they are the ones that give birth to a leader and the last one to wait on the cross of Calvary.

“This country is founded with Christian Principles therefore we have to consider biblical examples.

“I am not criticizing anyone but i want to make it clear that women are formed from the other rib of men which i believe women is equal to men.

“Being a leader is being able to inspire other people and i don’t see anything that could stop women from holding such high position.”

Caroline mentioned women leaders around the world such as Queen Elizabeth and Germany’s Angela Merkel saying Vanuatu must accept the changes in the society and if any women candidate is nominated for the presidential position men leaders must accept the change because she believes everything that happens is always God’s plan.

She said women always respected men in the society and the custom system but men must start to recognize their wives, mum, sisters and must stop to go against each other.

“Women around the world have struggled to make sure their family survive and that is the same thing here in Vanuatu.

“This motherly care is something that is in all women and being a leader to care for the people is something that will work well for any women leader who is confident to stand for any leadership position in Vanuatu.”