Gender equality is one considerate option conveyed during the Vanuatu Mobile Force (VMF) recruiting process.

From a hundred new recruits, 20 selected were women.

21-year-old Donielle Nancy Alick from Tongoa said her pride in wearing her uniform derives from hardships and challenges, especially from field trainings.

“There’s a different story behind this uniform,” Donielle said.

“Being a woman in the Force is hard, mostly during drills and workouts.”

“We have collaborated trainings with the boys, we share in drills manoeuvres and work side by side.

“Everyone gets the same level of treatment, if your friend gets into trouble, you are both punished for the cause. We help each other out because teamwork is very important.”

She gave an insight into the first day of training, as a woman, “you get homesick and nauseas, then once you get used to it, everything flows.

“We’ve learned a lot, from building our survival skills to learning how to shoot a rifle and that is something no one expects a woman can do.

“We’ve had tough breaks to be where we are and to share this journey with our friends.”

Serah Bule Joseph, 22, from Pentecost highlighted that the experience was forceful and challenging, but it was informative and not only built their physical fitness but self-confidence.

“For a woman, it may look and sound hard,” Serah added

“But you can achieve anything if you truly believe and have confidence in yourself.”