Judo class. Photo: VJF

Women and girls in Port Vila can attend self defense classes offered by the Vanuatu Judo Federation (VJF).

Women’s self-defense ultimately gives women freedom, as they are able to defend themselves against both mental, emotional and physical challenges.

Women who are afraid to express themselves are confined by their fears. Instead, confidence builds freedom. VJF stated that it believes in empowering women and supports their right to defend themselves.

Young girls and boys from the age of 14 are eligible to participate in the classes every Wednesday.

Self-defense training helps to mentally prepare a woman against an attack by helping to empower her and increase her confidence and self-efficacy. It also teach women how to avoid dangerous situations.

Classes are held every Wednesday at the National Fitness Centre(EXFOL) from 5:15pm to 7pm. Subscription for the year is VT5,000 for men and VT2,500 for women. These packages includes access to Judo Adult Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:15pm and Ju Jitsu Class 5:15PM every Wednesday.


SOURCE: Vanuatu Daily Post