employment-vanuatu-womenPVUDP contractors have been working to support gender equality through one of the most practical approaches; women’s employment.

Contractors working with PVUDP created a gender action plan, setting targets and reporting against activities such as employment, HIV and gender awareness and on-the-job training, according to the PVUDP Progress Report Newsletter Issue 15 for September and October, 2017.

It says Downer Vanuatu Ltd, developed their gender action plan for George Kalsakau Drive (GKD) Concourse and for the Septage Treatment Facility (STF). Downer have surpassed the targets they set for women’s employment with 50% of STF maintenance staff and 33% of GKD Concourse crew being women.

Women hired as Traffic Controllers on GKD are now learning to tie reinforcement bar and level concrete, working alongside the men digging trenches and running materials to the site.

Roads and drainage contractor, RMS, reported in September that 10% of their employees are women.

Contractor for community sanitation, David’s Construction, is reported to have had 28% of labourers as women during peak construction.

The Government of Vanuatu in partnership with the Australian Government and Asian Development Bank (ADB) are funding the Port Vila Urban Development Project (PVUDP) as one of the major investments in the nation’s capital.

PVUDP will contribute to sustainable urban development in Port Vila through improved road, drainage, sanitation infrastructure and services.

The project duration is from February 2013 to December 2018.